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The No. 28 Homestay of Jhoushan (Jhushan Laoye)

The features of The No. 28 Homestay of Jhoushan (Jhushan Laoye):
1. Homestay of Jhoushan (Jhushan Laoye) (The western style building of Xue Yongmai), located in the more than 650 year-old Zhu Shan village ("Jinmen first hometown of overseas Chinese" reputation).
2. Funded by the National Park, costing more than 10 million to rebuild, combined with a Fujian plus Western style, this building is a thing of luxury, with both traditional architectural aesthetics and functions of modern life, and the Lodge itself is a scenic spot worth looking into.
3. Breakfast with local favor, and free wireless internet (notebooks not included), cable TV, air-conditioning, wet and dry bath, free loan of badminton sets, pull ropes, skipping ropes and bicycles, Kinmen tourism map and travel information consultation can be obtained here, car rental, airport transfers if requested need to be informed in advance.
4. A large area of white sandy beaches nearby and many attractions, 5 minutes from Jincheng in the urban area by car and 8 minutes from the airport.
5.Living in the Homestay of Jhoushan (Jhushan Laoye): may be Minshuku with experience the fun of ancient water (more than half a bucket of water is passing), if the hot days free of charge in a special pool of cool water or shower Bath cool, cloudless night in the special】 【Guan Xingtai's easy to enjoy a sky full of stars light (ideal for viewing, all kinds of Constellation readable), bird-watching at close range (see Hoopoe bird, and so on Jiayan No need for a telescope, the lucky person can be seen on the roof Niaoque play wrestling), a daily morning bird Teana morning call, one side of the house】 【Kwai Lan Ting for a chat in a daze, energy saving and environmental protection at any time to enjoy sea breeze, sounding a wealth of diversified construction and artistic elements Details of the external red-brick trail】 【night morning for a walk or bicycle ride around, regardless of beauty Gong pen can be shipped to write a brush self-cultivation, or read all kinds of places】 【series with the Golden Gate recreation information.
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Special line for room booking: Boss-Father Lan(082)312388 Mobile:0932-262792
Location: No. 28 Jhushan, Jincheng Township, Kinmen
Total Number of Persons Accommodated: 10-14 persons
Please contact us in case there are more people, and we may accommodate you together with other homestays.
Whether or not a contract store for National Tourism Card: yes (Please inform us in advance and swipe your card on bank days)

Contact Person: Chang Shu-ying
Location: No. 28 Jhushan, Jincheng Township, Kinmen
Number of Rooms:5       Total Number of Persons Accommodated:10

TypeQtyRegular rate(NT$) Holiday Rate(NT$)
Single 16 700
Double Room41200  1400

Note: Prices listed above are just for your reference. Please contact the hostel for confirmation !!
Whether or not a contract store for National Travel Card: yes

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