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The No. 6 Homestay of Shueitou

The No. 6 Homestay of Shueitou was built by Huang Nai-fu, who returned from Indonesia. It is a building combining both eastern and western styles with the “Da-Jiu-Jia-Fan-zai-Cuo” pattern. It is settled in the first row of 18 buildings. Looking out of the window, you may see white-belly corncrakes and other birds looking for food, and cows eating grass leisurely. During summer, the grassland in front of the building and the banyan tree besides the building will bring cool feelings for you.

The young couple was tired of the life in Taipei. And they came to live in Kinmen for its natural and human environment and thus moved to become new residents of Kinmen. We inherited the elegant taste of the original owner of the house and decorated the old house with a warm and comfortable feeling. Once guests, we could understand the needs and hopes of the guests. We welcome you to temporarily flee from the city noise and turbulence and come to Kinmen to join us in our enjoyment and refresh yourself.

We prepare the tourists with speed change bicycles (with safety helmets), telescopes, wireless internet, cable TV, fridge, sir conditioning, coffee machine, dry-wet bathroom, washing machine, and a Map of Kinmen and other tourism information. All items mentioned above are free of charge, and of course, the young couple’s warm welcome.

Please tell us the time of the flight when you are booking rooms. And please tell us the actual boarding time before boarding. In addition, please prepare your own toothbrushes and towels for environmental protection. We will prepare other sanitary necessities, even mouthwash. 


Contact Person: KE Ying-ju
Tel: 082-375140
Location:  No. 6 Cianshuitou, Jinshuei Village, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County
Number of Rooms:4       Total Number of Persons Accommodated:8

TypeQtyRegular rate(NT$)

 Holiday Rate(NT$)

Double Room41400  1600
Note: Prices listed above are just for your reference. Please contact the hostel for confirmation!!
Whether or not a contract store for National Travel Card: no

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