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The No. 17 Homestay of Oucuo

2008 is the year that my dream came true
I set up a homestay this year
retired as a lieutenant commander
I came to the unadorned place
that is Oucuo, a village with beautiful coastline and white sand beach
I love this place
one of the seven biggest villages of Kinmen National Park
Coming from Datan
In a warm summer afternoon
A photo of homestay taken my friend
started my journey for setting up a homestay
with hopes and dreams to be shred with you
For me, a simple and honest guy
it is a special experience
I believe that the relationship between people
depends on honesty
depends on true hearts

Contact Person: Hsu Yen-hsiang
Tel: 082-324261 , 0933-599-890
Location: No. 17 Oucuo, Neighborhood 13, Jhusha Village, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County
Number of Rooms:5       Total Number of Persons Accommodated:9

TypeQtyRegular rate(NT$)

 Holiday Rate(NT$)

Single 1600 700
Double Room41200  1800
Note: Prices listed above are just for your reference. Please contact the hostel for confirmation!!
Whether or not a contract store for National Travel Card: no

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