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The No. 75 Homestay of Jhushan

Jhushan Village has a history of over 660 years. Being a feng-shui village, we (Jhushan No. 2 - Dazhanbu) were originally built during the Ching dynasty. This homestay was repaired by the Kinmen National Park Repair Committee.
This homestay (Jhushan No. 2 - Dazhanbu), built with a recycled Min-styled and filled with Jhushan characteristic articles, consists of 8 rooms and 4 living rooms, where 6 rooms and 4 living rooms are open for lodging. (4 computers + fax machines, free authorized Kinmen videos)
Cinyun          (2~4 people)  double + loft     1room     front row
Shusheng   (2~4 people)  double + loft     1room     front row
Suantang      (3 people)       double + loft     1room     front row
Lushui          (3 people)       double + loft        1room        front row
Guanri      Room for Family                            1room    (Side building)
Wangyue     Room for Family                         1room       (Side building)

In the homestay, you can enjoy the natural breeze brushing your face, have a look at the pond in front of you, you may also enjoy the fun of fishing, watching the stars of play a game with your children - slides, merry-go-round, swings, sand pits, and providing authentic Kinmen Breakfast and vanilla tea.
Fees: weekdays, and holidays are 1,000 NT per person, including breakfast. (Kinmen residents get 20% off, Jhushan villagers get 40% off)
Architecture: Double dacuo with a left Side building, Room for four, all five rooms have lofts.
In-house: Display the history of Jhushan village on a regular basis, the Xue family list, 31 issues of Shien-In monthly and egg paintings, etc.
Room Booking Line: 082-311452
Mobile :0911700677

Contact Person: Huang Mei-ling
Location: No. 75 Jhushan, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County
Number of Rooms:6       Total Number of Persons Accommodated:22

Type Qty  Regular rate(NT$)Holiday Rate(NT$) 
 雙人房  2 1600 1600
 四人房 2 3200 3200
 家庭房  2 4000 4000
Note: Prices listed above are just for your reference. Please contact the hostel for confirmation!!
Services: Free breakfast  
Whether or not a contract store for National Travel Card: no

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