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The No. 121 Homestay of Shueitou (Shueitou Hostel)

The ancient building of the Lee Family has a grand front yard. The main hall and the brick wall are decorated by characteristic patters. The loft of the suite was once the boudoir of the unmarried daughter in a wealthy family. With elegant and comfortable decorations, you can recall the feeling of dorm beds in the past here. It is a typical Kinmen style building. The lintel was inscribed with “Kui-Bi-Lian-Hui”. As the building is near to the harbor of mini three links, it is the building with the most convenient transportation conditions and has the shortest distance to various scenic spots such as Deyue Building, Youtang, Jinshui Temple, Ancient Moshan Tower, General springs, Jinshui Elementary School and the military relic sites.

The beauty of Shueitou exists not in water and mountains but also in ancient buildings. As the saying goes, “rich with water, be living in the best house without water”, please come and experience.

* Room Booking Line: 082-329103 , 082-329101 , 0928-907-063 (Mama Huang)

(1) Breakfast (such as Cantonese porridge, oil-boiled bar, baked cake, steamed bread, common porridge, pickles and so on)
(2) As the former Cianshueitou community center, we provide a discussion meeting room and video-equipped meeting room for activities and meetings.
(3) Picking up and sending off to the airport free of charge, guides to historical sites, and bicycles are supplied.
*4 suites, 1 room, 2 lofts.

Contact Person: Li Pi-chen
Tel: 082-329103 ,329101, 0928-907-063 (Mama Huang)
Location: No. 121 Cienshueitou, Jinshui Village, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County
Number of Rooms: 4       Total Number of Persons Accommodated: 14

TypeQtyRegular rate(NT$)

 Holiday Rate(NT$)

Double Room41200  1400
Note: Prices listed above are just for your reference. Please contact the hostel for confirmation!!
Whether or not a contract store for National Travel Card: no

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