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Tan Tian Pavilion

Tel: 082-332766      
Add:No.3, Fuxing Road, Jinhu Town
Time: 08:00 AM -08:00 PM
Home feelings for locals – Tang-yuan

   Tan Tian Pavilion is their common memories for soldiers in Jinmen Island, who spend every day on the island with its Tang-yuan, noodles with beef, curry dumplings… and traditional snacks. The owner sticks to his recipe of grinding ingredients with sweet rice and of making the balls with handwork. The fillings are even more amazing: sesame is sweet and tasty while salty is the fresh pork from the market. The series of Tang-yuan here will offer you bowls of specially made Tang-yuan and happiness.
 【Recommendations】Tang-yuan with sweet ferment rice: with sweet ferment rice fragrance and the good chew rendered by hand-made Tang-yuan, this is the must-have in the Pavilion. Curry dumplings: unique in taste, once you taste it, you have no time to speak. Beef noodles: with beef broth boiled by the owner himself, original and tasty.

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