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Shou’s Porridges

Tel: 082-327878     
Add: No.50, Section 1, Juguang Road, Jincheng Town

   Unforgettable traditional taste It is situated inside the Jincheng Town Market closing to Qiu Lian-gung's Mother Chastity Arch. Its porridges, once President Chiang Kai-shek’s favorite, is frequently reported and introduced by various TV medias. Using the traditional way of boiling porridges, the owner makes the delicacy in a state of mysterious combination of rice and soup, with ingredients of high class fresh meat balls, meat slices, liver or fish pieces and eggs, cooked at different times according to various degrees of temperature, offering you with dainty freshness in the early morning.
 【Recommendations】Porridges: with slow fire and fine boiling, the rice is melted into invisible fragrance; adding various top class fresh ingredients, it will definitely make this taste an unforgettable experience!

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