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Yang Ming Restaurant

Tel: 082-351557    
Add: No.1, Yangming Village, Shanwai Li, Jinhu Town
Time: 09:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM

  Delicacies with heritage With a history of 30 years, Yang Ming Restaurant was originated in 1975 by Mr. Zhou, who, in his early years, was the chef for the second commander in Jinmen, very famous with his cooking skills. Main offerings are: dumplings, clam and seaweed soup, braised pork feet, salty chicken, sweet vinegar ribs, stir-fried clams, etc. Mr. Zhou Zi-jie, the second generation of the restaurant, is now keeping the tradition of reliability with a guarantee in quality. 
【Recommendations】Big hand-made dumplings with fresh meat: with fresh meat from Jinmen, offering the perfect chew, juicy and tasty. Braised pork feet: filled with hometown marinade, elastic in skin and fat and clear in lean meat, colored as gold, tasting like liquid cream, it offers you a superb mouth-feel.

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