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Ying Chun Pavilion

Add: No.15, Xiahou’an, Jinning Town
Traditional delicacies in Ying Chun Pavilion 

   With 30 years of experience, Chef Li is persistent in his ideas of running a restaurant with confidence in upgrading catering quality in the Jinmen area. Ying Chun Pavilion, started last year, presents a fine and elegant furnishing in the hall with hard ware facilities, and, more importantly, dishes with high quality and excellent tastes, together making it one of the best selections for banquet and family gatherings, just like staying in a five-star restaurant with delicacy and elegance.
 【Recommendations】Lobster of taro threads: using taros from Little Jinmen, crispy outside and smooth inside in mouth feelings, you cannot resist the temptation. Mangrove crabs with sour cabbages: fresh mangrove crabs drawn out by Jinmen’s broomcorn sour cabbages, charming with taste. Yellow fish with sugar and vinegar: freshest yellow fish with most authentic taste makes your mouth water.

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