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Zhen Xiang Snack Bar

Tel: 082-327088     
Add: No.4, Caishichang Road, Jincheng Town

  Delicacies with authentic ingredientsSituated inside the Image Circle of Jincheng Town, Zhen Xiang Snack Bar has a history of over 30 years, who is the pioneer in noodles with meat broth, awarded by the national food appraising institution for its meat jam, and reported by many TV medias.
【Recommendations】Noodles with meat broth: the boss personally makes the broth for the noodles, which has elasticity in chewing, excellently fitting your desire. Guangdong porridges: boiled in traditional slow fire, with various delicious ingredients. Noodles with meat jam and noodles with clams: jam made with family secret, fresh clams from Jinmen and hand-made noodles, you shouldn’t miss it!

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