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Jin San Jiao Restaurant

Tel: 082-322258    
Add: No.41, Section 3, Xihai Road, Xian’an Li, Jincheng Town
Brand cuisines out of creative arrangement

 With an area of 700 square feet, this restaurant, targeting mainly parties, is one of the earliest big restaurants in Jinmen for 11 years since the government released military duties and started promotion of tourism. One of the specialties is the unique “cuisine with golden liquor” (dishes include: golden banquet 3 set, slicky mullet, fish with lees, meat balls with golden liquor, golden taro and pork feet, chicken with kaoliang, jade-like fish ball soup …), ingredients are: fish, prawns, crabs from Jinmen and local chicken, together with kaoliang and lees. Welcome reservations.
【Recommendations】Cuisine with golden liquor: what kind of sparks will you expect out of the encounter of local delicacies with kaoliang? Daintiness, a long-time lasting daintiness, awaits you! 

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