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Bar Sa Barbeque Restaurant

Tel: 082-372305    
Add: No.13, Mofan Street, Jincheng Town
Time: 11:00 AM -11:00 PM

 Creation filled with surprise At the end of Ching Dynasty, lots of Jinmen people went to the Southern Ocean area (e.g. presently countries of Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei), and absorbed the “BAR SA”, which is the name for market by people in the Southern Ocean area, of which Mofan Street was called in early days. What you will see is lively foreign presentation. By ordering a once-battlefront cocktail together with a strand of barbeques, you will be drawn into this foreign town with complete relaxation and leisure.
【Recommendations】Battlefront cocktail: with Jinmen’s Kaoliang as basis, mixing up several kinds of cocktails with featured taste. Strands of delicious barbeques: rich in content with over 40 kinds for your selection, matched with unique sauces and jam.

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