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Cheng Gong Pan-Fried Dumplings

Tel: 082-333979      
Add: No.99-4, Chenggong Village, Jinhu Town

   Started in 1963 by the first generation Chef Chen Yun-nan, it’s now at the second generation. The hottest cuisine is the pan-fried dumplings with egg juice, rich in fillings, dropped with egg juice before removing from pans; one bite will tell you the layers and elasticity of these handwork wrappers, together with the juicy and sweet fillings, you will forget the risk of burning your tongue. Besides, there are many big dishes of Shandong Cuisine with big portion of delicacies.
  【Recommendations】Crispy ribs: crispy and thorough in meat and tender in tendon. Taro with pork feet: soft and sweet taro from Little Jinmen with local fresh pork feet presents exquisite mouth feelings. Pan-fried eggs with clams: clams from Jinmen with eggs, simple but unforgettable tradition.

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