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Sheng Ji Wonton & Rice-Meat Dumplings Store

Tel: 082-326739     
Add: No.21-2, Lane 5, Zhupu North Road, Jincheng Town
Time: 09:00 AM -09:00 PM

 Situated in an alley close to Jin Cheng Station, it has been a not-to-miss snack store for many gormandizers. With a history of 40 years and a reputation for wonton and rice-meat dumplings, this old store selects fresh pork meat from back paws to make the two items with unique seasonings. The owner makes every delicacy himself: wrappers, fillings and pinching the rice-meat balls. Whoever mentioning wonton or meat balls in Jinmen will get a suggestion from a local of going into Sheng Ji.
 【Recommendations】Dry noodles: Wan-zi noodles, which we grew up with, poured over with unique meat jam, creating a long lasting taste!  Wonton and meat ball noodles: with broth out of pork bones, wonton and meat balls made by the owner himself, adding local noodles, exquisite in ingredients and inexpensive in price.  Wonton and meat ball soup: plump wonton and juicy meat balls with the broth offers you with fresh, tender and smooth taste. 

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