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Qiao Wei Xiang Snack Bar

Tel: 082-327652      
Add: No.39 to 41, Section 1, Juguang Road, Jincheng Town
Time: 07:00 AM -07:00 PM

   As you enter Qiao Wei Xiang Snack Bar you will feel the warm hospitality from the owners. You definitely cannot miss its brand cuisine, noodles with clam. Besides, there are noodles with meat broth, assorted noodles, dumplings, stir-fired rice noodles and various side dishes…with every one of them personally arranged, presenting an unforgettable taste. Don’t miss it whenever you come to Jinmen!
 【Recommendations】Noodles with clams: daily fresh clams from Jinmen with authentic home-made noodles give you an ever lasting remembrance. Assorted noodles: with rich ingredients and fresh first round broth, one bowl will start your gormandizing. 

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