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Ba Bu Italian Coffee Shop

Contact: Chen, Xin-han 
Tel: 082-332218   
Add: No.92, Fuxing Road, Xinshi Li, Jinhu Town
Time: 08:30 AM -08:30 PM

  This is the first branch of the Kaohsiung flagship shop, jointly operated by the Chen Qin-han couple in Jinmen. Whenever you arrive here, you will be served with a cup of nice coffee, fine snacks, romantic music and a comfortable, free and relaxing space with a foreign yet tranquil atmosphere.
 【Recommendations】coffee latte: a sip of Ba Bu coffee latte will make you feel the daintiness of coffee and milk, with the best ingredients selected out of the owner’s individuality of chasing perfection. Pickled Cabbage Dumplings: arranged by the boss herself, together with fillings of pickles preserved with Jinmen kaoliang. Delivery service is available to let you enjoying the daintiness!Hot pot with pickled cabbages: this is the hottest selection in the shop, with selection of pickles preserved with Jinmen kaoliang, fresh first round broth and rich ingredients, a must for you in Jinmen! 

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