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Lien Lien Red Mansion

Contact: Wang, Ming-zong
Tel: 082-312606

Add: No.22, Mofan Street, Jincheng Town, Jinmen County
Time: 11:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM
Note: Traffic-line service prolonged to 12:00PM from Friday to Sunday
When you stroll along Jinmen Old Street – the Mofan Street, you will be welcomed by a stone lion laughing with its mouth widely open. This is the gate of the famous Lien Lien Red Mansion in Jinmen. The furnishing in the first floor is very rustic; the second floor presents you with an upside down in space and time: Taiwan national flags, five-star flags, Tiananmen, Presidential Palace… To steal a half day of leisure, you may order here “Mao’s milk tea” or a cocktail of “Sunset at Jinmen”. This is a complex restaurant with dishes of noodles stir-fired with clams, pottery teppanyaki and set meals.
Compounding food and catering, set meals, pottery teppanyaki, hot pot, cocktails, jasmine tea and beverages

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