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Pu Bian Seafood Restaurant

Contact: Mr. Zhou
Tel: 082-353228    
Add: No.107, Pubian Village, Jinsha Town, Jinmen County
Time: 09:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM

Suggestions: crab feast (including 5 rounds of crab and other seafood dishes, priced at 4000-5000TWD, varying with seasons). Other seafood dishes: fruit salad sesame shrimp, fresh boiled shrimp, pepper salted shrimp, Gong Bao shrimp, princess shrimp, three-cup shrimp, fresh squid with barbeque sauce, pepper salted fresh squid, Gong Bao squid, stir-fired three delights, sweet and sour fish, grilled eel over rice, etc. Crab dishes: crab porridges, spicy salt soft crab, pot of rice noodles and crab, miso crab soup, crab stir-fried with black peppers, crab meat marinated with X.O. sauce, mangrove crab and rib soup, hairy crab with ginger juice, crab with cream, three-cup crab, crab meat broth, crab stir-fried with ginger, curry crab, rice noodles with mangrove crabs, pan-fried crab with sesame oil, steamed crab. 

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