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Hao Kou Wei Seafood Restaurant

Tel:  082-331196    
Add: No.3, Shigang Road, Jinhu Town, Jinmen County

● Introduction: It is situated at the juncture of Huandao Southern Road and Shigang Road (Xinshi to Fishing Port), which is the only intersection for people in Xinshi, Shanwai, Liaoluo, Lian’an and Xihu neighborhoods going to Jincheng Town and Jinning Town, with heavy traffic. In recent years, there have been lots of infrastructure constructions, restaurants, KTV, hostels, travel agencies, which together have made up a new town there. Besides, the following places help to make it into a tourism area: the only official pottery plant in the country, Xinhu Fishing Port (supplying seafood), west to Taihu Lake (823 Cannon War Museum, Rongyuan-Weilu) and east to the lofty Taiwu Mount. Due to government promotion, many former villages became county cities, townships or scenic spots, e.g. Liaoluo, Xinhu, Shangyi, Chenggong Seashore Tourism Development and the Touring Broadcasting and Tahou Radio Station. As the restaurant is situated at such an important place, many tourists will be attracted by the delicacies. 

● History and development: it has a history of 5 years, lady chef Huang, also the manager, is an epicure as well as the most famous chef in the area. She has served as the lead chef in many restaurants, such as Datong Restaurant (11yesrs), Weiquan Restaurant (6 years), Fen’s Seafood Shop (7 years), Taicheng (9 years). With 40 years of experience, she has studied various cuisines and has presented many kinds of dishes, which have been broadly awarded. 

● Operating concepts: honesty, safety, sanitary and good in service.

● operating structure: proprietorship
* For delivery and reservation: 082-331196 , 082-337552 ,0910976967 website:http://www.hkw.com.tw/
Suggestions: steamed fish, sweet and sour pork, fried pawns, clams with Tom Yum Sauce, seaweed and clam soup, pepper spring chicken, braised and fried shell meat, seafood porridges, braised three delights, stir-fired clams, steamed fish and clams, clam crisp, fish ball soup, shrimp salad, three-cup chicken, Fengtai shell meat, stir-fired crab, flavored tiger shell meat, fresh fish soup, braised prawns, braised pork feet, steamed grouper, pan-fired clam, Qian Fo Shou, etc.

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