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Ji Cheng Snack Bar

Tel: 082-325067      
Add: No.8, Zhongxing Road, Jincheng Town, Jinmen County
Time: 09:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM

Unforgettable snacks
When the National Revolutionary Army retreated from the Main Land, they gathered at Jinmen Island, making a population boom on the island. To meet the various food customs brought about by the soldiers from different provinces, the local catering made a big transformation. The local fresh sources cooked by chefs from different provinces became authentic cuisines, which not only are vehemently welcomed, but also offer an opportunity for the army to feel their hometown custom. Ji Cheng, literally means collection, got its name from history. Today, combining traditional dishes and cooking skills in Jinmen, we offer you authentic and delicious food.

【Recommendations】Frozen shank: with secret sauce, after various procedures, tastes fresh and smooth in your mouth. Pan-fried dumplings: fillings made with a golden proportion, crispy with wrappers, 100% fresh and delicious. Sliced noodles: chewy noodles with special broth, authentic in taste. 

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