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Jin Wa Cheng Restaurant

Tel: 082-322669

Add: No.14, Wujiang Beidi Road, Jincheng Town, Jinmen County
Exquisite presentation – excellent skills, dainty taste
A young man is busy with his work in the kitchen. You will never believe that he is the owner and chef here if nobody mentions. Mr. Lee is happy to see customers coming in continuously to enjoy his skills. The restaurant opened in 2002 (3 years as of now), operated by Mr. Lee Xi-jing, who used to work in Taiwan. Sticking to his adherence in quality and authenticity in ingredients, he is widely appraised in the Jinmen area after a short three year operation of the restaurant, which has become a best choice for family and friend gatherings. Some customer favorites: chicken with kaoliang, clam crisp, soft dressed squid, towel gourd, ribs with orange juice, mangrove crabs, etc.
[Suggestions] Eggplant in clay pot, spicy pork intestine, three-cup intestine, Wuxi ribs, Beijing ribs, ribs with orange juice, codfish with bean curd crisp, three delights with XO sauce, shrimp salad, chicken with spirits, veggies with Sichuan preserved bean curd, Hong Kong style salty pork, sesame Chinese knotweed, salty and crispy clams, fried rice with salted fish and chicken dices, fried seafood noodles in Hong Kong style, as well as appetizers, such as papaya, and dessert of sweetened sago soup with fruits.

【Recommendations】Ribs with orange sauce: with secret processing and unique tastes. Fish head pot: fresh and tender chub with broth. Duck with taro mash: crispy sweet taro from Little Jinmen matched with tender and smooth duck meat, rendering an ever lasting taste.

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