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Gao Keng Beef Restaurant

Tel: 082-352549
Add: No.38, Gaokeng, Jinsha Town, Jinmen County
Time: 09:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM 

    Feat of beef for your selection
Whenever mentioning beef feast, you can’t miss Gao Keng beef, especially its “feast of whole beef”, which is a series of beef dishes from head to feet, from inside to outside, with many creative methods of cooking! Only when you’re at Jinmen that you will have the fortune to taste raw beef slices, which is the owner’s biggest pride, as this is the proof that the beef served in the restaurant is supplied directly from the field. Main products – feast of whole beef, beef crystal, braised Niu Bian, spicy beef tendon, boiled beef tail soup. It has a history of 31 years, frequently visited by medias, with flourishing business. 
    【Recommendations】Mixed assortment: with each part of the whole beef. Braised beef tendon: with melting meat in the mouth, rendering a soft, smooth and tender taste.

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