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Kinsa Holiday Hotel

Time: 09:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM 

    The hotel is situated at Ronghu Lake. With greens circling the lake, the area is abundant with forests and wild flowers. Fields of sorghum starch out to the foot of Mount Taiwu, cooking smoke curls up from the rustic farm houses. In the morning, you will be waken by murmuring birds and refreshed by the clear crystal air. Hike or cycling, your eyes will be filled with pleasant sceneries. The rooms are elegantly furnished, presenting warmth of home. Daily fresh seafood is purchased as the ingredients for the delicacies with Jinmen style to meet each and everyone’s request.
Guangdong-style egg filled with vegetables, stir-fried clams
Add: No.135, Houbutou, Wensha Li, Jinsha Town, Jinmen County
E-Mail: kinsa.co@msa.hinet.net

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