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Construction for Kinmen Bridge Begins and President Ma Hopes It Becomes a New Landmark for Kinmen


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Construction for Kinmen Bridge Begins and President Ma Hopes It Becomes a New Landmark for Kinmen
Reporter Li Ji-Qiang
The “Kinmen Bridge” that many Kinmen residents along with others overseas had been looking forward to for many years held the groundbreaking ceremony in Huxiaduan, Jinning Township yesterday. The Fujian Provincial Governor Xue Cheng-Tai, the County Magistrate Li Wo-Shi, the Speaker Wang Zai-Sheng and others held spades to break the ground. President Ma Ying-Jiu congratulated all over the phone and hoped that the Kinmen Bridge becomes a landmark of Kinmen and helps with local development. He also hopes that the construction can be completed before his presidency comes o a close.
The groundbreaking ceremony for the Kinmen Bridge connecting the main island of Kinmen and Lieyu was held at 11 o’clock at Huxia sea wall, Jinning Township yesterday morning. It was held by the County Magistrate Li Wo-Shi, the Beimen Lion Dance Team performed the “Chinese Lucky Lion Dance” in order to bring good luck and prosperity, to reveal the overture, and Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau gave a briefing. The Fujian Provincial Governor Xue Cheng-Tai, the Chairperson of Public Construction Commission Chen Zhen-Chuan, the Commander of Kinmen Defense Command & Lieutenant- General Wang Shi-Tu, the Chief of the Political Warfare Office- Major General Li Zhi-Xiong, the Member of the Legislative Yuan Yang Ying-Xiong, the Speaker Wang Zai-Sheng, the Councilmen Cai Shui-You, Lin Jin-Liang, Chen Cang-Jiang, Xu Hua-Yu, Hong Li-Ping & Lin Sun-Quan, the President of National Quemoy University Li Jin-Zhen, the Councilman of New Taipei City Lin Guo-Chun, the Chairperson of Taiwanese Businessmen Association in Xiamen, the Deputy Magistrate Wu You-Qin, the Chief Secretary Lu Zhi-Hui, directors of all bureaus & offices, township mayors, the chairmen of township elected representatives, the chiefs of all organizations & units, folks of Associations of Kinmenese in Taiwan from all counties and cities and Kinmen resdents all attended to witness this ceremony.
President Ma hopes that he will be able to join the opening ceremony before his presidency finishes.
President Ma called to congratulate and he pointed out that for all of those who care about Kinmen’s development today is a very hopeful and joyful day. The groundbreaking ceremony for Kinmen Bridge on the end of Lieyu was held on January 9th last year to reveal the beginning of the construction with local resident’s expectations. The name “Election Pontoon Bridge” given to Kinmen Bridge in the past has officially become part of the history. Today the main construction started smoothly and became a reality after everyone’s hard work and overcoming all kinds of difficulties. He pointed out that the construction of connecting the main island of Kinmen and Lieyu is very difficult and it’s not easy to construct while watching out for the environment at the same time. The county government also selected the blueprint through voting and is very confident that it will definitely become a landmark of Kinmen. Compared to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA, it is only half of the Kinmen Bridge which also happens to be a landscape bridge. Many construction items are done for the first time and we especially want to thank all the help from many units.
President Ma mentioned that he promised to complete the Kinmen Bridge with the functions of 70% for tourism and 30% for traffic when running in an election. The reason that the promise happened is that local people in Kinmen have sacrificed many development opportunities due to the fights between Taiwan and Mainland China. Now there are chances to improve the cross-strait relations and help with the peace and prosperity and this time we have to work on catching up the development in Kinmen. We hope that the tourism of Kinmen can be taken to a new high point in history after the bridge is completed and look forward to the days ahead. He said that the completion of the bridge is expected to be in August, 2016 and the presidency finishes in May, 2016. He suggested that we should work together to shorten the period of construction to complete early while not influencing the construction quality so that he can join the opening ceremony in his presidency.
The County Magistrate Li said that he believed that it would be completed as scheduled.
The County Magistrate Li Wo-Shi got very emotional because the construction of Kinmen Bridge that he had waited for 20 years for, officially started. He first thanked President Ma Ying-Jiu and the central administrative team for paying attention to the local area. For the past 20 years, Kinmen people have been looking forward to the Kinmen Bridge being built. After years of effort and presidents from the past, only President Ma truly cares about the Kinmen Bridge. I am personally very glad that this pontoon bridge has finally settled down and began construction today, but I am also aware that this is a huge responsibility to take on. Many people also have given help and guidance and offered their precious opinions during the process of planning the construction so now we can witness the groundbreaking ceremony of Kinmen Bridge.
Li Wo-Shi said that the Fujian Provincial Governor Xue Cheng-Tai should earn the most credit from simply fighting for the bridge turning into a usage of 70% for tourism and 30% for traffic. The construction of the Kinmen Bridge got the central government’s approval because Xue coordinated and negotiated between all departments and conferences. Here Li would like to sincerely thank Governor Xue for coordinating with our people to promote this gradually. President Ma consigned Governor Xue to help promote for the bridge, university, medical quality that needs to be strengthened continuously along with others. Li Wo-Shi said that it is really great to have Governor Xue! He said that there were so many people to thank for successfully beginning the construction including the idea of the bridge offered by people in Lieyu, plans offered by county magistrates from the past and the great support from everyone of the council. He also thanked people of Huxia and Houtou for the support and understanding since the construction will be a lot of trouble. This bridge has to be finished! Under the supervision and guidance from Public Construction Commission Chairperson Chen, experts, scholars and administrative department, we believe that the bridge will be completed as scheduled.
The Speaker Wang: Thank the central government for their support!
The Speaker Wang Zai-Sheng thanked the local people and the government for trying so hard to fight for building this bridge. The central authorities changed the plans for the major developments of Kinmen, so the construction of the bridge can be started. The Kinmen Bridge has always become the “Election Pontoon Bridge” in elections from the past. President Ma heard the opinion and promised to build the bridge with gratitude during an inspection tour in Kinmen. He also asked all departments of Executive Yuan to make a proposal to organize and plan on building the bridge. However, DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) Members of the Legislative Yuan worked so hard to boycott this dream. The Councilman Chen Cang-Jiang stood out for building the bridge by giving every effort based on the importance of local development and everyone should work together for local development.
Governor Xue: Draw Kinmen closed to the world.
Governor Xue also pointed out that starting the construction of Kinmen Bridge will finally push the pontoon bridge into history. He said that it was still indistinct after the construction on the Lieyu end started. Having such nice weather today allowed everything to become clear during the groundbreaking ceremony. He said that this bridge will not only bring Kinmen and Lieyu closer but also Kinmen and the world closer. The Member of the Legislative Yuan Yang Ying-Xiong and the Chairperson of Public Construction Commission Chen hope that this bridge can be completed soon as well. The Construction Commission will also put in every effort to give assistance to Ministry of Transportation and Communications so that the bridge will be finished as scheduled with high quality.
The sum of money for the construction is over 6.5 billion NT dollars.
The Kinmen Bridge starts from Houtou area of little Kinmen (Lieyu) on the west all the way to Huxia in Jinning Township of big Kinmen (the main island) with a total length that is about 5.4 km. The bridge crossing the sea is 4.8 km long and the clear width is 15 meters. The main part of the bridge is continuous extradosed bridge with 5 pylons, the pylons use the shape of Single- Cable- plan with spike heart, and the biggest span is 280 meters. Hwa Chi Construction Co., LTD. won the bid with a bid of 6.5 billion and 60 million NT dollars. It is expected to be finished in August, 2016. The main purpose of the construction plan of the Kinmen Bridge is to help tourism development of Kinmen with a “70% for tourism and 30% for traffic” return. The working range is planned to start from Houtou area of Lieyu (little Kinmen) on the west, till Cihu area, Jinning Township on the east, the two ends of the bridge vertically cross with Hupu Rd. in Lieyu Township and Cihu Rd. in Jinning Township. Besides the linking parts are partially plane surfaces and embankments, all the rest are all elevated. It offers Lieyu and Kinmen area 24 hour traffic connection and is responsible for increasing the benefits of tourism.

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