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Magistrate Li Delivered "Fo-Tie", and Invited Tourists To Visit Kinmen


Announce Department:General Affairs Department

縣長送佛帖 廣邀遊客來金迎城隍

The lively head of parade formation (1) of "Kinmen's reception of the City God" Showed up in Taipei on May 14. Wearing the costume of the ancient Chinese magistrate, Li, Wo-Shi personally delivered the "Fo-Tie" (invitations delivered between the gods) to the Taiwan Provincial City God Temple. Magistrate Li also invited the ambassadors (2) of 26 temples belonging to the Association of the National City God to visit Kinmen. At a formal press conference, Li extended the invitation to all tourists worldwide to experience hospitality of Island Wu.

This press conference, held by Magistrate Li, convened (3) on the afternoon of May 14 in front of the plaza of Taiwan Provincial City God Temple on Taipei Wuchang Street, and included Legislator Lai, Shi-Bao (賴士葆) and the Minister Without Portfolio, Executive Yuan and Governor of Fujian Provincial Government Xue, Cheng-Tai,, Kinmen County Council Speaker Wang, Zai-Sheng. The President of Association of the National City God, Chairman of Taiwanese City God Temple Chen, Guang-Xian (陳光憲) also participated in the conference.
Since this year is the exact "memorial of the 330th year of Island Wu's City God's migration into Hou-Pu", Magistrate Li sent the "Fo-Tie" across the sea with a heartfelt (4) invitation to everyone to join this festival.

At the press conference, an exhibition was set up by the Kinmen County Government and Taiwan Provincial City God Temple to provide samples of Kinmen specialties including Kinmen Tribute Candy, Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor, Kinmen thin noodles, etc. In addition, the Taiwan Provincial City God Temple also prepared samples of the glutinous (5) oil rice, Laba congee (6), and other local delicacies (7) for the people to taste.

●1. parade formation-有關陣頭的翻譯,有兩種說法,其一是band of parade,指的是遊行隊伍中的一組。另一種說法是head of parade formation,用以形容迎神隊伍中,走在最前頭的各式遊藝表演隊伍。
●2. ambassador-(n)大使、使節。此處比喻來自各宮廟的代表。
●3. convene-(vi.)召集、召開。
●4. heartfelt-(adj.)衷心的、真誠的。
●5. glutinous-(adj.)黏稠的。
●6. congee-(n)粥。八寶粥起源於佛教的「臘八粥」,因此前面Laba是直接音譯「臘八」二字。
●7. delicacy-(n)美食、佳餚。

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